OSX Apps that I can’t live without

Well, that’s perhaps a little extreme (I did go without my computer for, like, a couple of hours once. But I didn’t like it)

After living with OSX for a few months now there are some apps that I do however find pretty indispensable… so, in no particular order, here they are:

  • skEdit – HTML and text editor with syntax highlighting (for multiple languages) and built-in SFTP.

  • QuickSilver – instantly launch an application (or open a file or locate information) by tapping in a few letters from its name – Hard to describe. Harder to live without

  • TimeLog – track hours spend on client projects. Easy to use and intuitive.

  • LocationX – indespensible if you change location frequently (network settings, SMTP servers and timezones all taken care of)

  • GmailStatus – got GMail… keep an eye on it without having to lift a finger. Wish in included IMAP and POP3 monitoring as well

  • Adium – like MSN Messenger, iChat, Jabber… but integrates all into one. Shame not video conferencing support any time soon.

  • Skype – sometimes IM isn’t enough, and you need to hear someone speak and iChat won’t run on their PC

  • OnyX – helps to keep your Mac in tip-top shape

  • SizzlingKeys (for iTunes) – iTunes control at your finger tips

  • StartupSound – you don’t hear it often, but sometimes it’s enough to wake the dead ! This is a great way to control the volume

  • MAMP – Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin for OSX… with one neat control panel. Still got to wade through .conf files, but it’s an improvement !

  • rBrowserLite – it’s FTP, but free ! If you need SFTP check out CyberDuck which handles SFTP as well.

  • Firefox – Safari rocks (after all, it’s why I got my first PowerBook) but FireFox is a great platform for testing sites

  • BluePhoneElite for managing SMSes and calls via Bluetooth to many brands of handset

  • e2sync includes Entourage into the happy iSync family

  • iScrobbler for AudioScrobbler updates without intervention

  • Meteorologist to keep track of the weather

  • Virtue for multiple desktop support, taking advantage of the Quartz rendering engine

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