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BootCamp and Blank Screens

December 10, 2010

I have my MacBook Pro running BootCamp and a 64 bit Windows 7 (so I can use all of the 4GB RAM). I also have a DynaDock so I can drive a total of three screens (the MacBook Pro screen, one via the Apple connector and the third via the DynaDock connector, which I also use for all my USB connections, wired Ethernet and speakers)

The problem is that when the laptop goes to sleep sometimes I don’t get all my screens coming back to life – they stubbornly sit there showing nothing. Just stay black.

I’d made sure that I had the latest DynaDock DisplayLink drivers and checked Windows Update and BootCamp to make sure everything was the latest and greatest… but I’d not thought to check that the Nvidia drivers themselves were up to date.

Luckily Nvidia have a smart detection page which works out what display hardware you’re using and lets you quickly and easily install the latest drivers. Turns out form my GeForce 9400M BootCamp had installed version 527.79 of the driver, when the latest “Verde Notebook Release” was 260.99.

A few minutes to download and install, a reboot and … so far not a black screen to be seen.

Powerpoint crashing in BootCamp

December 9, 2010

On my MacBook Pro I just upgraded to the latest BootCamp 3.2 and boom… my PowerPoint 2010 started crashing every time I tried to edit a document.

I ended up trying a bunch of things – reinstalling Office, reinstalling BootCamp, using Remote Desktop to edit PowerPoint on another machine but… turns out the issue might be related to keyboard drivers so…. if you are having unexplained crashes in PowerPoint and other apps when you try to edit text see if these steps help you

1/ Open Control Panel and select “Change Keyboards or other input methods”

2/ Select “Change keyboards…”

3/ If you only have the “United States (Apple)” keyboard installed then add the “US” option from the list. If you are not in the US select the equivalent default for your country

4/ Click okay lots of times to get back to the desktop, and then start Powerpoint again… and hopefully enjoy a crash-free experience