A wireless network, a laptop and a lovely day on the Gold Coast (I know it’s spring and the latent English me can’t still get used to the weather here)… it’s funny sitting here writing this entry thinking just how we start to take all this for granted.

We moved recently and I had to go a whole couple of weeks without DSL… I was distraught. If it hadn’t been for the Three phone I had on loan from my day job at the time I would have been out of touch… and I realised what an addiction email is !

And now here I am sitting in the garden, checking mail and writing this.

Of course, all is not rosy in the garden… the dog keeps trying to help me type and, more importantly, I am still tethered via a power lead because the battery on my Vaio, which has done sterling service for 3 years, is now useless… and I can’t quite justify the price for a new Sony one (I could get a desktop PC for what they want for an official battery) so I think it’s off to BatteryMall later to see what they have….

To celebrate the virtual freedom, today I’m trying a new way of posting…. from an Outlook plug-in (the NewsGator plug in running via intraVnews) and it seems to work well, apart from the fact I can’t set the target on hyperlinks via the Outlook interface (it’s not really an HTML editing tool after all !) … still, you
can’t have everything (and if you had it where would the incentive be to improve for the software developers)

Small Update: A combination of Outlook, the Plugin and everything else conspired to mangle this post… think I’ll go back to the web interface for a while