Despite moving to the PowerBook as my primary machine while trying to find a Wintel laptop that excites me I’ve continued to try and get some sense out of Sony here in Aus as to why they don’t even offer Bluetooth as an option across their model range… basically their response is that while Bluetooth is standard/optional outside Aus for this region it’s not being considered and won’t be considered - but thanks for my time and click here if I’d like to purchase one of the hamstrung machines.

I’m actually very disappointed with Sony - support for the Vaio range is terrible here (and I don’t mean in the retail channel, but from a vendor level), and with their abandoning the Clie market outside Japan (it has become impossible to get spare parts or even decent support here) has shown they’re not a vendor that I’ve got any faith in any more. Shame really when I look around at the amount of Sony badged gear I have and until recently would have upgraded with replacement Sony product… I now see the Memory Stick compatibility as an expensive liability rather than a benefit.

The new second generation Centrino line-up from Sony looks interesting (as do some of the current models), but as it’s going to be crippled here I’m not going to waste time looking at it. If I don’t get another PowerBook this year I’ll probably get a TabletPC from Toshiba… although time will tell if that format will actually become cost effective so I don’t think I’ll rush down that path either !

If Bluetooth support was lacking across the board here in Aus I’d be happy to accept that perhaps it was just that there is no call for it here but as every other laptop on the market (certainly those in the Sony Vaio price bracket) offer it (usually as a default, but if not as a very low cost optional extra) it does make you wonder.