Am I asking for too much ? I’ve got a VCR and a DVD player, and I was thinking that maybe I needed a PVR to make life easier as there’s a lot of shows I’m watching delayed these days with work committments. Then I thought that maybe a HD Digital TV box would be good. Then I started looking at how it would all cable up to the TV and the number of remotes I’d need….

And it was just too scary !

So I started thinking about what I really wanted… and that’s my challenge to go searching for…. an IP addressable remote managed dual tuner HD HDD PVR and attached DVD+/-RW (of course upgradable for Blu-Ray or HD DVD, whichever wins) that will let me record two channels to the HDD while watching a DVD, or watch one channel while checking (via Picture-in-Picture) another channel to be ready to start recording…. and it needs to be simple enough that my 6 year old can pop in a DVD and watch it, or my partner can record Desperate Housewives if I’m late home (or I can connect in from the office and check the programming)

So, does it exist ? Is it out there now, or tomorrow ? I suspect my answer is going to be a PC based solution with a bunch of incompatible hardware and software hacks which I’ll spend a lot of time and money making work right. And then explain to her indoors why we have yet another PC chewing up electricity and taking up space !

Update (August 2005): slowly, but surely it starts to come together….