One of the problems I had getting my Media Centre PC all set up and happy was the VFD (Vacuum Flourescent Display). No matter what software I tried using I got garbage in the display after a few minutes.
The solution to the problem came to me from the author of the excellent FrontView utility (one I’d recommend for any MCE owner who want’s to display useful information on what their machine is doing).

It wasn’t software but RFI/EMI (Radio Frequency Interference / ElectroMagnetic Interference).

The solution was simple… a quick trip to the electronics store and a 13mm internal diameter clip-on EMI Suppression Ferrite Core later …. no more interference and a perfectly working display.

I hope the nice folks at SilverStoneTek who make my case either include the ferro or at least include the instructions to solve the problem (and give credit to Dave who, besides writing the excellent FrontView has helped more than a few with this problem)