I have complained in the past about poor implementation of Bluetooth utilities under Windows when compared to OSX.
Well, BluePhoneElite may well be the creme da la creme on OSX but on Windows it now has a serious competitor in the form of FMA (floAT’s Mobile Agent) - a true example of how well Bluetooth can be implemented under Windows XP.

It features all the things that seem obvious, yet missing from the SE packages - ability to look up a contact and send them an SMS, archive old messages, perform actions based on proximity, manage your contacts and folders, provide information about battery status, signal strength and even the temperature of the phone, and… the best bit… it includes a very sophisticated sync capability with Outlook.

Sure, it’s not perfect yet, but then again… many apps take a while to evolve. What FMA has that sets it apart from anything else I’ve seen for integrating my SE T610 with WinXP is the expandability - scripts, an API and a powerful underlying engine.

If every SE phone came with this on the installation CD their competitors would weep. At least, those smart enough to realise that these days a phone isn’t just a fashion accessory !