There are some great features in the Blogger posting interface. And there are some great features in the GMail interface (especially they way it handles spelling checks !). While it’s great to see them rushing to roll out new and innovative technologies (GMail has really shaken up the webmail market, and some clients as well !) and Gtalk has the potential for a shake-up in the IM world… but rushing ahead has the potential to let existing products lag behind.

Oh, and while I’m griping about Blogger why has it not got categories / tags or whatever you want to call them yet, or the ability to (easily) post colour coded code fragments or other BB style text ?!

Cat and I have recently added Moveable Type to a couple of sites and she suggested I add it to Rufan-Redi and it’s tempting… apart from the rekeying ;)

After a year here with Blogger who knows…..

I guess what I’m looking at is one combined service.. including Blog functionality, Flickr, and IM and VoIP (and maybe even spam free email) all that I can use (in sync) from my PC, cellphone, PDA and internet cafe… and know it will support new services as they appear in an open way….. Of all the providers I think that while Microsoft have the resources and infrastrucutre Google are possibly the best placed (and certainly keen) to provide that (apart from the fact that MSN will be very reluctant to open MSN up to Google tools)

Update (12 Oct 2005) - looks like it might not be that far-fetched…. MSN and Yahoo! are apparently planning to open up their IM tools to talk to each other… is this the beginning of the opening… or just a short term attempt to create critical mass on non-Google platforms….