Actually, what I want is a decent Bluetooth headset (ideally mono but can convert to stereo with a clip on or second ‘dumb’ earpiece wired the first) that I can use intelligently (and that’s the optimal word) with my cellphone (currently SE T610), my iPod (I’ll even put up with a small dongle until Apple pull their finger out and build it in) and my PC (for Skype or just listening without wires).

It can’t be too much to ask for can it ?

There are already BT iPod dongles with dedicated headsets, BT cellphone headsets with MP3 players and BT Skype headsets for the PC…. it can’t be too much of leap for someone to combine these in an intelligent way.

Okay, so there probably isn’t a decent remote control standard for MP3 players yet (including the iPod in that as it’s just a music player), and all the cellphones have their own quirks, and the WinXP SP2 BT stack isn’t that clever yet (heck I can use my very average Nokia HDW-2 headset with my Powerbook just by turning them on !)

Even devices that would make sense to have bluetooth - for wireless headsets or synchronisation - don’t always get them. I had great hopes for the new iPod Nano, but I’m out of luck there I fear.

Where is the world without wires ? Somewhere behind the paperless office I fear !