I get a few clients ask “Can I make money on the web like all the adverts say ?”. Well, the answer is yes, and no.

No you won’t make a fortune (and you’ll actually lose a lot of time) if you respond to any of those unsolicited spam emails

You can however make a few buck through careful use of affiliate programs and paid sites. However, a world of caution…. there are a lot of ‘opportunities’ on the web and if they seem too good to be true then they probably are not worth the effort. Many of the ‘Paid To Read’ (PTR/P2R) or ‘Paid To Click’ (PTC/P2C) sites built on commonly available templates either don’t manage to sustain the advertising or member growth in order to reach payout levels and you can be left a few cents short of the minimum payout only to watch them shut down and never return.

There are however reputable sites which have been around for a long time where you can make money for performaing certain actions (including, but not restricted to, reading emails or viewing adverts). Some, such as EmailCash (AU), HTMail (UK), Caio (EU) or BonusMail (US/Canada) are country or region specific, whereas others, such as Survey etc are worldwide

You can also earn points by directing people to affiliate schemes that you are a member of. Most of those pay a percentage of ‘downstream’ users earnings on an on-going basis. Good examples of those are clixGalore or RegNow