Jabra BT800 headsetSo far I’m very pleased with my Jabra BT800… makes life a lot more comfortable with the cellphone.

It’s good to see that Jabra continue to support users with the new v0032 firmware update which adds a few improvements;<ul>
<li>Faster audio transfer for Sony Ericsson phones
<li>Faster speech channel handling – the call is transferred to the headset faster
<li>Faster reaction on Key-presses during incoming call
<li>The missing international prefix “+” is displayed in your caller list thus allowing you to dial out from your Jabra BT800
The upgrade is very simple - I wish other firmware fixes where as easy to apply, and makes use of the charging USB cable (but make sure you don’t loose the little stylus or pushing the rest button can be a bit tricky!)

Still no caller-id from my SE T610 … but then again, that’s running firmware that’s over 2 years old (but unlike the headset isn’t a user upgrade and not worth the pain and cost of a Sony service fee)