Hosted by Zooomr
When I first discovered Flickr I thought it was kinda cool

But then I got bored of limitations - like forcing people to sign-up to view images you wanted only them to see.

So when I discovered that Zooomr where giving away free 'Pro' accounts to Bloggers I thought I'd check it out. And it does seem very good. I've not had a chance to play much with it yet, but so far it's a bit slicker than Flickr - it doesn't try so hard to be cute.

I'm going to delve in and compare features over the coming days and decide if Zooomer will be the go, or if the photo galleries here in CommunityServer are the answer. In CS2.1 it certainly seems better, but image placement is still done with manual class over-rides so it's equally painful with any of the three solutions...