Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm culinarily challenged so any advances in that area are wonderful. Boiling eggs isn't something I'm especially good at - for some reason working out how many minutes is good (and how it changes if I have 1,3 or 5 eggs in the saucepan) is beyond me. I actually have a couple of pre-set stopwatches on my K-Jam to help me get it right! Given the choice I'll scramble them rather than screw up!

Well, it turns out that I'm not alone. Some very clever people at the British Egg Information Society (yes, I know, it makes me proud to be English) have come up with a dye which becomes visible when the egg reaches the magic moment... so just watch the little things jiggling around in the hot water and when the picture appears... they're ready.

It all seems too easy, and I suspect between now and Christmas they'll be going through all sorts of teething troubles... but I can't wait to  try it out either when we're back in the UK next or when the technology eventually makes it "down under"

Finally... perfect eggs for dunking bread soldiers in. I can relive my childhood without the trauma of over or under cooked eggs!