The official store for the new TEN / Screentime reality TV show "Yasmin's Getting Married" launched yesterday. It was a bit difficult for me as I was at the Big Brother 06 wrap party having worked on both the main website and the BB Store - I hate not being on-hand for the last minute. As always though Cat was an absolute blessing and made sure it all came together without me having to panic.

It was quite an interesting job as it was the first time we had tried taking an entire codebase and rolling out a new site with nothing more than CSS and web.config changes. The original version of the site was designed with this in mind and it was quite comforting that it actually worked out really easily with only some very minor changes to the underlying HTML (darn, a couple of hardcoded backgrounds and non generic image names had slipped through!). Most of the bulk changes where handled through the copy editor updating the local site database, and the web.config for some content that didn't deserve databasing.

We also added some new functionality thanks to client feedback on the first itteration... the real interesting thing was seeing just how easy the new codebase was able to roll back into the original site (again, with just one tweak on a CSS file to fix some changed naming conventions)

It's going to be interesting watching YGM. I think the concept is great... but a little scary. Good luck Yasmin (and good luck to the guys running the store)