EWsieI'm terrible at remembering passwords. And if they change then I'm really in trouble! Luckily my life has been made much easier over the last few years thanks to the great guys at Ewise.

They provide automated, scripted login to just under 300 financial accounts (mostly US, UK and AU based but others from Hong Kong, South Africa and others) and they add others at a fairly regular rate.

The great thing about this service is that it's very secure. All the passwords are stored (heavily encrypted) either on your machine or an a 'portable profile' (can be a USB key, memory stick or even a floppy)

Once you've added an account to your profile getting the current balance (or logging on) is as simple as one click. And for all your accounts you only need to remember the one password for your user profile. When you visit the aggregator the last recorded balances are displayed so you can decide which accounts need refreshing, or with one click update them all. 

Because their service uses an ActiveX control for the encryption it's not yet available for platforms that don't support that technology... but I'm sure they'll find a way if they get enough interest!

What makes it especially good is because you're not tempted to click on a link in an email to access your bank records - because it's easier to use their aggregator login - it reduces the risk of phishing attacks. You're also less likely to write the password to your bank account on an easily lost bit of paper - again, because it's so easy.