Thanks to Frank Arrigo (an Aussie based Microsoft Developer Evanglist) I've discovered an awesome little app for my K-Jam called Diarist.

It's a really simple idea. Put a great little blog composer on your PocketPC. Carry it everywhere with you. And post to your hearts content.

I mostly use my Three phone as a bluetooth modem for the K-Jam (hey, it's faster and the z800i is on a better plan data!) and it works just fine - I posted this as my first test.

You can use it to post to blogs hosted on:

  • .Text
  • CommunityServer
  • MSN Spaces
  • DasBlog
  • BlogX
  • Blogger
  • Blogsphere

What's kinda frustrating at the moment is that I cannot get my CommunityServer install MetaBlog API to work. It just doesn't want to play. It's also stopping me playing with posting from Word 2007 and Windows Live Writer so I'm a bit bored with CS2.1 it at the moment

I'm sure I'll get it worked out, in the meantime however these posts will continue to be crafted by hand, in the CS editor. Which isn't too big a pain in itself

Update: upgraded hosting to ASP.NET 2.0, installed the appropriate version of CommunityServer and... the MetaBlog API is now working. Now just got to test it out!