One thing that slows me down a fair bit as a developer is when I want to post a code sample in a blog. It takes forever to get it formatted just right, or I use an external tool and have to mess about with cut'n'paste and hope everything is good

Well, one nice thing about the Windows Live Writer is that thanks to it's plug-ins most problems will probably get solved in the tool and I won't have to go scratching around any more.

The latest neat add-on I found is a Syntax Highlighter that supports multiple languages and is one-click easy to use - adding this sample was as easy as copy from the original source, paste into the highlighter and then hit insert to put it into the post.

	fileFld = request.files(0)
	If fileFld Is Nothing Then
		if fileFld.ContentLength > 250 * 1024 Then
			ErrMsg(2) = "Error - File must be less than 250Kb"
			If (fileFld.ContentType).ToLower() <> "application/pdf" Then
				ErrMsg(2) = "Error - Filetype must be PDF"
				PDF = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(fileFld.FileName)
				fileFld.SaveAs(Server.MapPath(uploadDir & PDF))
			End If
		End if
	End if

There's not much about it that I'd like to see change/improve apart from maybe for it to have a full understanding of the VB.NET classes, methods and properties just so I can get a bit more colour in here... but compared to what I had before this is a real help.

Of course, now I just need to start writing better code!