After a few little hiccups the new ClubAV site went live this week. Cat had given me page templates and from there I built a simple CMS so they could edit and manage the content.

To keep things simple for the client used the TinyMCE editor for WYSIWYG editing (rather than force them to use HTML) and their MCImageManager component to allow simple edit and upload of images.

It was a bit of a challenge as I've not written any PHP code in anger for over a year - and we had no end of fun with the hoster who, unlike our usual preferred supplier HostingShop, won't be getting any business from me in a hurry! For some reason it scares me when a hoster provides a site that doesn't have a scripting language available by default, when it does get activated they give you old versions of PHP and some add-on components that they don't even know are installed (and can't be turned off - eAccelerator seems to cause a problem for the MCImageManager component) and promised upgrades to PHP5 take days rather than the promised 15 minutes (all this is when they do bother to respond to emails)!

I think it's quite a nice little site - hopefully it gives the client what they need for some time.