The world through a childs eyes
Sep 18, 2006 - 8 Photos
Rhiannon with a Canon EOS
At the reception after our wedding our photographer - the very talented Natalie Page - let our daughter run around with several tens of thousands of dollars worth of Digital SLR camera to capture her view of the proceedings.


As you can imagine we watched with hearts in our mouths expecting some horror to ensue but luckily no damage occured - and the pictures were well framed and composed!

When we got back from the reception Rhiannon was still very excited about the idea of taking photos - but most dismissive of our 'normal' camera... she wanted one that looked "professional"!

So a very rapid shopping trip ensued to try and find a digital SLR look-alike that was light and easy enough for her to use (and in the right price bracket for me not to have kittens every time she took it out). The result was a Kodak z650 - 10x optical zoom, a shroud to protect the lens assembly, a bunch of pre-defined exposure modes in a case that, while bulkier than a lot of the digital camera offerings, met the requirements we'd had laid down for us!

So, how has she done? Well... while nothing to rival Jimmy Olsen just yet, it's probably only a matter of time (I speak as a doting father of course) but we just uploaded a random selection from the first hundred shots.