One thing that bugs me is that out of the box MCE (Windows Media Centre Edition, or Media Center Edition depending on what your spell-check likes!) only supported two tuners. Even though the hardware may well be capable of recording 4 HD Digital streams concurrently the powers that be say we can't do that unless we're willing to dive into the registry and get our hands really dirty.

I've been looking to add more tuners for a while simply to avoid the problem of running out if there are two consecutive shows on one channel that you want to record while grabbing something from another channel that overlaps with the overlap on the other channel (that you have to allow because most Free-to-air networks in Australia can't actually hit their published timetables more than one show in a dozen!)

Well... the (pretty much) one click solution is now here! This very simple to use utility adds those extra tuners for you (as long as you've set up the first one manually) and it's pretty painless.

It's only beta at the moment so read the warnings, take the backups and.... dive in!