Both Outlook 2007 and IE7 feature vastly improved RSS capabilities over their predecessors, and there are already some cool add-ons to help leverage this.

What would be awesome for RSS feed support - to actually make life better for me - is having Outlook 2007 and IE7 cross-aware.

A scenario... I subscribe to an RSS feed (say for in IE7, and also in Outlook. First of all I'd hope they'd be smart enough to share data and not double-dip to download the same stuff twice. Don't ask me why I want it in both places, just keep it tidy for me and don't use too many resources okay!

If I read an item in IE7, I'd love the platform to mark it as read in Outlook. And vice-versa. Then... and this would be really cool... if I read the referenced article directly via the browser... mark it read in both IE7 and Outlook because I don't need to check it again (unless I choose to flag as 'unread' somehow!)

That's integration and information overload managementsmile_regular

Update: After installing IE7 (final release) and OL2007B2TR it looks like the two do share their RSS feed information... but they don't seem that smart at keeping the 'read/un-read' stuff synchronised. But it shows promise...