I had to give up on my previous blog solution because the comment spam was getting out of control and it was hard to manage. That led me to Community Server which has a better approach to spam control.

That now means that with the basic out-of-the-box facilities and a couple of excellent add-ons [6 rules and Akismet] I've not had a single spam comment get published, and almost no collateral damage.

But, even though the spam comments are not getting published they keep on coming. Today alone I've had to make about 80 entries for one site go away. What's even stupider is that the site isn't currently promoting viagra, breast enlargements or unlimited free porn.... it's spruiking badly worded investment tips in (in some cases) companies who don't even match the claimed stock ticker!

Makes me wonder why they bother! They're getting no benefit from their efforts and I could certainly do without the time wasting while I hit delete on their quarantined rubbish.

They keep trying to fill my mailbox up as well. Luckily a combination of SpamCop.net and Outlooks junk filters means that it's very rare that I actually see anything that's too time wasting. And I feel good because I report almost every one of the spam emails I get via SpamCop. For good measure I also install the Project Honeypot spambot catcher on pretty much any site I work on.

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