Totally random thing... just found out that Billy The Kid was gunned down on my birthday (well, 86 years before I was born to be precise). It was also the day that the US$10,000 bill was officially withdrawn from circulation (2 years after I was born)

While these things probably have no direct bearing on my life it's interesting to see - in the same way as knowing what the #1 record was when you were born (it was Procol Harums "A Whiter Shade of Pale" which was at #1 in the UK for 6 weeks starting on June 8th)

... and the ramifications of some of the things that happened certainly have had an effect on the generations since.

So... why did I go looking for this? It was actually as an extension of demonstrating the interesting things you can find when ego surfing and we wondered what happened on particular important days for people.

Like ego surfing the results can be cool, but shouldn't be treated as more than an amusing waste of time (unless you discover something really startling about yourself!)


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