Got to the airport yesterday, checking in and discovered the stylus had falled from my K-Jam somewhere between leaving home and getting to the gate.

Of course in Far North QLD there are not that many K-Jam stockists so I'm going to have to wait until I get home to pick up a replacement. Until then, a sharpened fingernail or a covered biro will have to do!

Best case scenario is that it dropped out in the car, or when I picked the K-Jam up off the desk... but we shall see....

It's the second stylus I've lost for the K-Jam... unlike my previous Palms and Clies where I never lost one either the case or the stylus itself seems a litle flawed and doesn't hold securely. No doubt it's better on the latest models ;)

Update 9 Nov: Okay, don't ask how this happened but... we got home and were packing down the bedroom and discovered, under the bed, a stylus for my K-Jam! Don't know if it's the first one I lost or the second... but I'm happy again (more on the packing later!)