Although it doesn't add any real functionality to Windows the LocalCooling app does help bring together the settings in one simple dialogue and, more importantly for some people, it allows you to boast about how many trees you've saved.

In the same way that I make donations to GreenFleet and Carbon Neutral it's a small way you can help offset your footprint - even better of course is turning off your PC, buying energy efficient devices (from light bulbs to cars and products with low energy embodiment) and purchasing "green" power supplies where available.

The scary thing is the number of businesses and government departments that leave equipment running, and the number of 'hidden' power consumers - TVs on standby, no seals on doors and windows to keep the cold out (or the cool in for the tropical climates), fridges with old door seals or leaking compressors... and let's not forget the ever-expanding power requirements of PCs (the CPU and the GPU and Drives now each pull more power than entire PCs from not long ago) and game consoles