I've been watching the evolution of some of the aggregator / homepage services with interest and frustration.

Interested because some of the technology and interfaces (using WPF/E, Flash, Ajax and even plain old HTML) are really pushing the envelope in terms of the traditional boundaries both of what could be done on a web page and where the information can be sourced from and presented to the user in a way that's relevant to them

Frustrated because there were always caveats. Myspace doesn't host Windows Live Gadgets. Windows Live doesn't consume Google widgets and Konfabulatorthe Yahoo! Widget Engine doesn't use Vista gadgets (and so on) so it's hard to keep track of everything in one place.

Add in the challenge of keeping track of what your virtual friends are up to as well and it becomes a full time job!

Luckily Spokeo seems to be making great strides in that direction.

It's a personal aggregator - collecting your footprints from around the web and displaying them all in one place for you (and others) to review. It also allows you to nominate friends and with one click check in on their activities as well (individually or as a chronological river of activity) 

At the moment it doesn't let me subscribe to forum posts or blog comments that I've made (to see if there's any follow-up or activity) but it's early days and I can only ask (though how on earth they'd be able to do that without subscription/RSS models being added to forum s/w - CommunityServer for instance supports that now.... but it would be nice to make it totally automated and magic somehow)


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