Well, it's been an exciting few days. Not the sort of fun and excitement I'd have liked though.

After the power trials and tribulations were over and Bryn starting to look like he's on the mend, late Sunday evening I started feeling a little under the weather. After spending most of the night running to the bathroom I was stuck in bed, shivering and in pain.

I wasn't making much sense so Storm rang the medical center who suggested our best course of action was to call 9-1-1 as Storm doesn't drive and I wasn't in any fit state to get behind the wheel.

The emergency services were very prompt - luckily I've not much experience of calling for ambulances and the like - and the care first class... not long after admission I had a drip in my arm replenishing fluids and soon after that they added some pain and anti-nausea meds. According to Storm I was less than coherent for the several hours following!

Nick picked us up and dropped us home (it's so good to have a friendly face in a foreign land) and I've been slowly trying to get back on my feet (some really foul tasting antibiotics and some very drowsy inducing pain meds).

Sadly just as I seem to be on the mend Rhiannon has come down with a (hopefully less serious) case of the same.

Storm has been doing her usual sterling job of making us feel human (anyone who can work out how to make an organic chicken soup in a town she's only been living in for a few weeks has to be some sort of miracle worker!)