James Brown - the Godfather of SoulJames Brown, the Godfather of Soul, passed away on Christmas Day.

The hardest working man in show business finally takes a rest. His legacy will continue to shape music for a lot longer though.

A few years back he recorded Christmas in Heaven.... makes you wonder.

I only saw James Brown live in concert once (thanks to some friends in his record company who managed to get me last minute tickets at a small London concert a lifetime ago) but it was one of those experiences that are literally once in a lifetime. You can go and see a superband perform and they have an energy and a power to them. James had a connection to each and everyone in the audience - his energy and sheer performance supassed anyone, with the exception of Prince, that I've seen perform.

He'll live on in the hearts of his fans, in the samples we hear every day and the people he's touched.