It's late evening on Boxing Day here in Redmond and the snow has started falling again. It looks like something out of Narnia right now (and my car appears to have terrible dandruff)

I wonder if the offices will be open tomorrow. Or the post office. Or the Company Story. The forecast wasn't for sub-zero temperatures so it might not last, but for Rhiannon and Bryns sake I really hope it does!

Apart from one Christmas vacation back to the UK while I was living in Australia I've only seen snow twice in the the last ten years... and that's twice now in 30 days. I'm sure I'm eventually going to get bored of the weather here in Western Washington, but right now (having had a "proper" Christmas) even with the rain and the cold I'm enjoying this so much more than Queensland.

Who'd have thought. I thought I'd gone to Aus to escape the English weather. Obviously I was confused all this time!

Update: Sadly it didn't last. By morning it was turning to slush and the drive to work was quite uneventful. Rhiannon was most disappointed.