A little behind the times but I think this is an interesting prediction - Ajax set to surpass Flash in '07.

I've never been a huge fan of Flash. It makes for hard to maintain applications with non-standard under interfaces (especially crippling keyboard control).

Ajax is, in some ways, a lot better a solution - allowing the same level of dynamic interface (albeit without some of the "prettiness") and when developing with one of the common libraries (such as Ajax.ASP.Net or Script.aculo.us) makes for a very manageable implementation

Add WPF/E into the mix and you have all the benefits of both world... and for Windows and OSX users a better solution than Flash in many regards- and XAML is a much more open platform than compiled SWFs, and it is much easier to use in a scripting environment alongside the browser DOM.

Adobe are flexing their muscles with Apollo but feature for feature WPF/E looks like a better platform at the moment for shops not tied into the Adobe cycle - but it's going to be a tight race (see point #8)