I'm really glad that so many sites are delivering their information as RSS feeds. But I do hate the "abstract" approach if it's not done right. Some sites (eg A VC) are generous with their content and it's a pleasure to read them in aggregate. Others (eg TheInquirer) don't even give you enough of a taste of the story so using RSS gives you no benefit as you still have to click through.

What really makes RSS use worthwhile though is a good reader. I've tried using IE7 and I've played with viewing them in Outlook 2007 - while both are good platforms (and share the underlying Vista RSS Platform) they lack a certain usability.

RikReader also sits on top of the Vista RSS Platform but pushes the display up to a full screen experience utilising the goodness of WPF to make it visually very pleasing.

Similar to the beta New York Times Reader this is an example of the way user interfaces are going to improve our ability to view information in a pleasing way. Now all I need is an ePaper page which I can fold up and put in my pocket that runs Vista that auto-syncs this content ;)