The Yahoo! Messenger team revealed a teaser for their new Messenger product for Vista today, and I have to say it looks like it's doing a great job of taking advantage of some of the new technologies in Vista.

It uses WPF for its presentation layer (nice rounder corners, transparency etc) and has a gadget to dock in the sidebar to show who's online.

It also supports tabbed conversation windows and allows you to seamlessly talk with Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger contacts.

Despite the fact I have little or no use for a Yahoo! Messenger as none of my contacts use it, the sidebar docking and tabbed conversations are solutions to what are (in my opinion) the two biggest failings in the current Windows Live Messenger product.

The fact Yahoo! are making such a great use of WPF and the Sidebar is a great demonstration of the capabilities people are going to come to expect within Vista and apps developed specifically for it.

I'm just hoping that internally MS are working hard at putting the final polish on a WLM client that includes tabs, supports the Sidebar, utilizes WPF and adds one more secret ingredient to wow us even more....

TechCrunch have a nice write-up on some of the cool new features in Y!M that's worth a read.