I've been a fan of MyBlogLog as a way of tracking stats, outgoing links and general activity on my blog for about a year now.

Before that I used to look at the log files or rely on the stats from the blogging s/w, and on the whole it was too hard!

The great news for this 5 man virtual company is that they've just been acquired by Yahoo!

Not bad for some folks who met on LinkedIn to try and run with a clever idea.

While I'm not a huge fan of Yahoo! acquiring the niche companies I like (mainly because of the pain as they migrate user databases and the eventual addition of cruft) they've done a good job of not screwing with del.icio.us as much as they did flickr so maybe MyBlogLog will be a smooth transition.

Funnily enough in the recent Wired article on the best acquisition targets there were only two that I'd hoped my employer would acquire - MyBlogLog and Riya (the latter to complement PhotoSynth).... we'd better be quick before Yahoo! and Google acquire everybody ;)

It's going to be interesting to see how MyBlogLog evolves now. Hopefully with the Yahoo! infrastructure behind it they'll be able to make it more robust/reliable (not that it's bad at the moment) and increase the ways we can slice and dice the data. I wonder what will happen with the free vs pro accounts.. will they stay the same of will the model change. And how much Y! branding is going to appear on any of the MyBlogLog widgets and tooltips?