Snow in JanuaryIt's been snowing in Redmond again and once again it's chaos - but it's great fun.

I drove to work as normal on Wednesday, but as the forecast was for snow I planned ahead and put my boots and big jacket in the Jeep. Turns out it was lucky I did as come lunchtime the snow started to fall.

By quitting time the queue out of the carpark was down a couple of levels so I rugged up, left the car and walked.

Out on NE 40th the traffic was no better. Cars having problems getting up the hill. Cars having problems going down the hill. Cars abandoned and causing even more problems.

I got home and played in the snow with the girls and retired to bed tired and happy. In the morning the snow was still a problem... and working from home seemed like a very good idea.

Boding snow in JanuaryWe took a good walk with the dog in the morning trudging through the snow and sub zero temperatures.

No more snow during the day and there's been some melt, but the forecast is for more cold (high 32, low 20 tomorrow) so I think the problems will remain for traffic a while yet, although there's no more snow forecast.