It's not an iPhone. In fact, it's far from it. According to the folks from TheRegister the platform is quite a departure from what the world is used to.

At CES the folks from OpenMoko announced their mobile phone platform - running a Linux variant the offering is based on the FIC neo1973 device running the ARM9 core featuring a single large VGA touch screen and a built in GPS as well as 128MB of RAM and a microSD card for expansion.

All of the pripriatary underlying data (eg cell and location data) is exposed to the open application layer so developers - professional and hobby - can expand this platform to their hearts content.

It looks like a pretty cool platform. I wonder how long it'll be before some of the cool iPhone style apps start appearing for it, and more importantly if people will add functionality like OTA Exchange synchronization and Sudoku - both of which I consider criticalfor a business class phone ;)

More info on the platform and phone at LinuxDevices.