It's a common complaint. And usually it indicated a security melt-down is about to occur.

I've got passwords for my private email (Gmail, Hotmal and a hosted Exchange service), I've got passwords for work (and some really scary complexity and expiry rules) as well as passwords for some client remote desktop sites.

I've got passwords for FTP sites and forums, my blogs, my phone, my voicemail (cellphone and work) and my two ATM cards.

I've got a smartcard to identify me to one network for RAS and certificates for my mobile phone and browser. I've even got a finger-print sensor on my laptop (but Mythbusters and corporate security don't like them so I'm not allowed to use it).

I use an aggregation service to help me log in to a bunch of websites, store some logons in the finger print sensors password bank and... have a password protected word document with others in!

It's all too much! And I'm not alone, even the United Nations is concerned that it's all getting too much and as a result security is starting to be compromised.

I'd love one device (or combination of a device and a biometric) that's small and simple so I can have it with me always (eg an RFID device or a small token generator on a clip that also includes proximity smart card) that works with a central service (such as CardSpace or OpenID - or better yet, a number of them) to store logon credentials and apply them automagically so I don't have to keep track of them.

Ideally any solution (or solutions) would be simple enough to adopt that everything from Gmail to TypePad to my bank, office network and security doors would be able to migrate to the platform without too much trouble..... maybe the iCache is a step in the right direction...

Update [March 07]: Looks like I'm not the only one finding it frustrating though I'm not convinced that the software solutions they suggest are the right way to go (for a stand I want something secure and always with me)