Soon Microsoft will be in Australia interviewing interested and qualified candidates for software development positions working on our major products in the US at our corporate headquarters.

As someone who's called Australia home for a very long time I can recommend the value of picking up your skills and traveling, and right now Redmond is a pretty awesome place to be.


The reason so many people from various disciplines come to Microsoft is because we provide the most exciting challenges in the industry. Since our inception in 1975, Microsoft’s mission has been to create software for the personal computer that empowers and enriches people in the workplace, at school and at home. Microsoft’s early vision of a computer on every desk and in every home is coupled today with a strong commitment to Internet -related technologies that expand the power and reach of the PC and its users. You can help shape the industry in nearly countless ways, all while gaining invaluable experience. Our casual environment lends itself to freer thinking and therefore, creative problem-solving. However, the coolest part of all is the diversity of jobs. You’re guaranteed not to be bored. We invite you to join us as we move toward the .NET age, the next generation of our products. You could create a world of change in one of these pivotal, Redmond, Washington USA area positions in the Microsoft product groups.


Software Design Engineer (SDE)

Work at the core of every product we build. This is where the fun begins for code gurus like you. As a hands-on Software Design Engineer, you’ll make decisions about design and feature implementation, using your mastery of technical tools to make a product vision a reality. If you like to write code and design efficient data structures and algorithms to develop next-generation applications or operating systems, this is the position for you. As an SDE, you’ll bring products to life by working with Program Managers to ensure strong design and Software Design Engineers in Test to ensure quality through testing. Ultimately for the SDE, it’s your code that turns concepts into new technologies and services.

Key Requirements/Qualifications:

· Fluency in C/C++/C# and a passion for writing quality code using computer science fundamentals

· Ability to derive creative and innovative solutions by thinking "outside the box"

· Ability to solve complex problems, sometimes by testing and debugging code

· Expertise in feature definition, design, and feasibility

Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET)

Discover life on the last line of defense. As a Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET), you’ll own it, break it, fix it, and own it again. You’ll ensure a product’s quality by making sure it performs as users expect it to. Part of the fun is how creative you can be devising ways to manipulate, crush, and sabotage software into submission—while creating innovative testing technologies along the way. Ultimately, as an SDET it’s your input that can make the difference between joy and frustration for the customers. Since you’re keen on how things work, and making them work better, you’ll work hand in hand with the Program Managers and Software Design Engineers to design, develop, and maintain automation systems for use in development and testing cycles. Using the tools you create, you’ll pour over source code for trouble spots, debugging and isolating problems, and executing creative tests to find new bugs while regression testing recent fixes.

Key Requirements/Qualifications:

· Fluency in C/C++/C#/VB.NET and experience designing and developing tool architecture

· Ability to solve complex problems and write automation systems and device drivers

· Ability to author test plans and cases, conduct security and stress tests, and debug at source level after identifying and prioritizing bugs

· Demonstrated skills in negotiation and conflict management

· Demonstrated interest in customer advocacy derived from a holistic understanding of the product from the code level to delivery

If you are interested, please email your Resume/CV in English to: [email protected] or visit for more information. If you mentioned JECATH I get some internal kudos and might buy you a beer when you get here ;)

Handy tip. If you're used to the way folks interview in Aus or NZ check out this story of interviewing for both Microsoft and Amazon. The process was similar, but in some ways very different, to what I did for my role here. And a PM role is less technical than SDE/SDET positions so really expect to be able to prove you're not blowing smoke.