When you hear the words web2.0, mashup, plays well with others, pragmatic* and agnostic you don't often think of Microsoft.

Well perhaps you should.

ReadySteadyMashup is going to challenge peoples perceptions in a very hands on and interactive way. And you can be a part of it.

Come up with an interesting challenge to mashup at least one Microsoft technology with an existing Web2.0 service or bleeding edge technology (Apollo, Google Maps, Flickr - you name it)... or better yet dive in with your coding hat on and make an idea work... each challenge will last 30 days and Scott is hoping to have some cool prizes for cool results...

Now I'm going to have to either get creative, or amp up my h@x0r skillz if I want a chance (though I'm probably not eligible for prizes I might try to round up some more folks to play)

*Pragmatic: See Michael Coates.