I've never really got into the MySpace meme. I blog, but posting my entire life is more effort that I care to make. I can't even remember to regularly twitter.

I had a bit of an eye opener the other day.

I was sitting outside a Starbucks and catching up on email using my laptop and the t-mobile hotspot. A guy walked past and asked if I knew where there was an internet cafe as he needed to get online. I didn't know of one, but we got chatting and it turned out his car was broken down and his girlfriend was at home with no phone and he needed to let her know he'll be late.

He wanted to access MySpace to leave a message on his site to pass the message on.

Not use VoIP or Skype to call her. Not use Windows Live Messenger or AIM  to send an instant message. But to leave a post on their space for the girlfriend or a friend to read and pass on.

It's a whole new world out there, and communication paradigms are changing in ways that are disruptive. I look at how I now rely on Skype, my cellphone, IM and email - in work and personal life - and compare that to as little as a decade ago... I shouldn't be surprised at the advent of twitter and the blogsphere as ephemeral communication tools (just leaving more of a lasting footprint!)