There's a world of User Generated Content (UGC) out there. From sites like youTube and MySpace through to Geni and Twitter.

More UGC in fact that I'll ever get to consume, even if the inclination was there.

It got me thinking the other day, what about all the responses to comments I've made on other peoples blogs or forums. Places I didn't think to subscribe to an RSS feed for the comments, or bother to opt-in for instant notifications of replies to my post, or even sites that didn't offer that. Those profiles on sites that took my fancy that only strangers look at now. Those orphans of the internet age

What happens to the Me Generated Content (MeGC)? In many cases for me it's long forgotten by us humans, but the computers know. They track it. They watch our every move.

Okay, so maybe they don't yet, but I imagine it's only a matter of time before there's some clever plug-in for IE or an add-on for Firefox that recognizes when you're posting in a forum or responding to a blog and let's you crawl those conversations at a later date.

For now however the best bet is the trusty search engine. presents, in no particular order of relevance, my footprints on the Internet.

Okay, so it's not a particularly helpful tool in this format. I can't easily de-duplicate by site, or look at things chronologically, or intelligently find posts/responses specifically to things I've said... but it's a start. It does rely on the fact that over the last couple of years I've used a consistent nom de plume on the web, but with a bit more work and creative filtering I could extend that to previous personalities...

It would be cool to see an application that combines some intelligent searching and monitoring (with some semantic analysis so it understands forum threading models etc) coupled with use of trackbacks cross-references to browser activity to provide a clear MeGC picture of the world... a homepage that's all about you!