A few years ago I bought a Powerbook for one reason – to do compatibility testing of websites I was developing on the Mac.

Okay, so I was seduced by the dark side and still enjoy the occasional foray into their sleek and shiny hardware and (thanks to the likes of Parallels and Fusion) software … all without having to leave Vista for very long.

Now though Safari is available for Vista and at first glance it's good. On the first few sites I've visited rendering is mostly fine with performance maybe not quite as good as they claim but pretty swift.

I had one un-reproducible crash (but that's happened to me in IE and Firefox as well) and one XML DOM related error (that I clicked the "bug" button and reported. I love the "bug" button and wish MS would put it in all their products)

I wonder if they view iTunes and Safari as “teasers” for OSX… in which case I hope the Safari port has a lot more going in its favor than iTunes for Windows (that app does a good job of convincing me that Apple don’t know how to develop a good user experience!) and if it's going to help or hinder adoption of their new platform.

Alternatively Safari on Vista might just be a way to make sure PC developers can compatibility test their apps for the iPhone without having to buy a Mac...