So you know all the good stuff about Office 2007. The performance improvements, the Ribbon UI (which I'm really learning to love) and of course the advantages of the new OpenXML based file format.

Now normally there's not much to interest me in the bits and bytes of a file format (well, not in the last few years where I've tried to take a bigger picture view of the world) but because of the structure of the new .docx format there's some cool things you can do.

First part of the trick is knowing that by changing the file extension from .docx to .zip you can expand the file/directory structure using WinZIP or directly in Vista. You can then navigate the content and find just the bits you need.

The cool bit is how easy it is to get at any images included in the document, helpfully presented in order in the \word\media directory so if someone sends you a file and you just want the images... it's easy to get at 'em.

What else you can do... well it's up to your imagination...