Sunset at KirklandI've got a new camera so here comes the obligatory new toy rave! It's my first Digital SLR after a life time of point-and-shoot (110, 35mm, APS and then digital cameras ranging from 1.3mp to 6mp ... all costing about the same!)

After getting frustrated with shutter lag (have you ever tried to photograph a dog or 8 year old ballroom dancer! I decided I could live with the added weight and tourist factor of slinging an SLR around my neck. It had to be digital of course!

Both my boss, our wedding photograher and other talented friends recommend Canons at varying price points but the Sony Alpha (DSLR-A1000) had one huge plus over the Canon Rebel XTi... Super Steady-Shot. For some reason I have an inability to hold a camera steady and while some of the Canon lenses include anti-vibration technology the fact it's built into the body of the Sony helped the Alpha edge ahead.

Now of course I have to learn how to use it! With great options comes great confusion - though luckily enough it's straight forward enough that I could just pick it up and have a go.

Lots of test photos of the dog (that 2GB memory card was a good idea when shooting at 10mp) and I'm going to practice on the ballroom technique in the coming week. I was even inspired to take my first ever arty sunset shot!

Any suggestions on the best way to shoot good shots of fast moving ballroom dancers in a competition... most welcome!