<p>Although jsErrLog, my "<a href="http://post.offbeatmammal.com/watson-for-the-web-trapping-javascript-errors">Web Watson</a>" has only been out a couple of days I had a great suggestion to let developers add some additional context to errors that are being trapped.</p>

To support this I've added a new parameter jsErrLog.info that's a string variable you can update at any time (after the library has been registered on your page of course) and the first 512 characters simply get passed through to the report database.

To use this new feature simply add a line that updates what you want passed through with the data you want passed and if the error handler gets called then the data will be transferred to the database

jsErrLog.info = "Populated the Info Message to pass to logger";

Any other features you think are worth adding?