Standard laptop power supplies

I look around my office and I’ve got about a dozen different laptop power adapters – for current and dead machines. Even so I’ve spend the last few days trying to find a power brick to charge one perfectly good machine but neither the dedicated adapters or the three “universal” chargers I have support this particular connection.


I really like the Apple “mag safe” connector but sadly they won’t license that to anyone (or they probably would but it’s not economically feasible). The concept of a universal adapter is a good one but, having gone through the experience of Targus deciding to redesign their tips and stop making tips for new devices for their old chargers, I’m now rather cynical about how much of a solution they actually provide.

So I’ve wasted time and energy trying to track down a simple, yet crucial, accessory – without which I have a very nice, very shiny paperweight. Oh, and a growing loathing for yet another electronics manufacturer who doesn’t even maintain an up-to-date list of what models their own adapters work with online (and even after a couple of days the problem appears to have stumped their support team)

5 years ago I had a similar rant about cellphone chargers and it looks like things are finally settling down there with even Apple selling a micro-USB to iPhone dongle (maybe the iPhone5 will have micro USB only… we can dream!) – laptop, netbook, slate/tablet’s still have a long way to go 😦

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